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Being named executor/trustee is an honour and a serious responsibility. It means that someone trusts you to carry out his or her final wishes or take care of his or her family.

Among the duties of a trustee may be:

Trustees are expected to act in the best interests of the beneficiaries, particularly when they are handling a trust for minor beneficiaries or helping to take care of disabled or incapacitated elderly persons.

For many trustees, these duties may be confusing and overwhelming, particularly when they have never performed them before, or are dealing with grief of their own.

Sometimes these duties are not carried out well, either through lack of knowledge, incompetence or dishonesty or because of problems in the Will. Sometimes trustees are perfectly competent and honest, but some family members may still not like how they are administering the Will. Disputes often arise over asset distribution, trust management, the trustee's compensation and record keeping.

Getting To The Bottom Of Estate Disputes

Our lawyers can help families and trustees:

These cases can be difficult to litigate. Family conflicts, ambiguous and confusing rules, and the danger of depleting estate assets through conflict can make these very delicate matters.

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