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February 2015 Archives

Ottawa car accident sends elderly couple to hospital

Two elderly Ottawa residents suffered life-threatening injuries in a car accident on Feb. 20. Their vehicle was so badly damaged in the collision that fire crews had to employ what paramedics called "heavy extraction" to help one of the victims from the car.

Biggest factor in Ontario fatal crashes is distracted driving

OPP have determined that distracted driving is the most commonly reported factor in fatal car accidents based on data from 2005 through 2014. Along with distracted driving, other common factors in fatal crashes include speeding, drunk driving and not wearing helmets or seat belts.

How to recognize and treat a herniated cervical disc

Ontario residents who have suffered a back injury may be interested to learn about the symptoms and treatment options for a cervical herniated disc. This type of injury is a common type of cervical spine condition, which usually develops in individuals in the 30- to 50-year-old age range. In most cases, the condition is the result of some kind of trauma; however, the symptoms can appear spontaneously. In other words, the symptoms may develop some time after the original injury took place.