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Canadian researchers make breakthrough in spinal injury treatment

Throughout the province of Ontario individuals are living with spinal injuries. They occur for a variety of reasons including disease, stroke and accidents. Depending on the severity of the injury their lives may have been dramatically impacted as a result of it. Accordingly, it makes sense that researchers throughout the world are seeking treatments to address the injury.

Recently, it was reported that Canadian researchers are making progress on one front. Information about the breakthrough the researchers at the IRCM and McGill University had regarding spinal damage was published in the scientific journal PLoS Biology.

The research the scientists focused on involves the central nervous system nerve cells and axons, their long extension. For the neurons to properly communicate, axons must follow specific paths. The research uncovered how the decisions regarding these paths are made. It involves the steepness of the gradient. As researchers discovered, axons respond better to steeper gradients.

In the short term this discovery will not directly impact those living with spinal injuries. In the long term however, continued research based upon these findings could play a role in one day repairing damaged nerve cells.

In addition to dramatically changing the way one lives, those who suffer spinal injuries could also face great expense tied to the treatment. If the injury was the result of the negligence of another party, a personal injury lawsuit could be appropriate. The first step for those considering pursuing this approach is to meet with a lawyer who handles such matters. For more information please see our personal injury website.

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