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Researchers use zebra fish in concussion study

It is likely that those reading this post have either had a concussion themselves or know someone who has suffered from the injury. The extent to which the symptoms will impact someone who has a concussion vary from person to person. Someone who has a more minor version could face mood swings, memory lapse and headaches. Those for whom the brain injury is more severe could have difficulty moving limbs, seeing and speaking.

Despite how common these injuries are, there is very little known about them and the best way to treat them. As a result, researchers are constantly striving to uncover information about TBIs.

One medical physics professor has focused on using acoustic shock waves to investigate the injury. More specifically, he and is coworkers are using acoustic shock waves on zebra fish, creating non-penetrating brain injuries and recording the response. This method allows them to take a detailed look at how the animal responds to a concussion as well as how the brain responds to treatment.

It is possible that the results of the study could have an impact on how these injuries are treated in the future, making the outcome less severe. Since concussions can be so debilitating, most people would likely be pleased with this outcome.

A TBI can be suffered in a variety of settings as a result of many different incidents, including car accidents and slip and falls. When such an incident is the result of the negligence of another party, it may be possible to recover financial compensation via a personal injury lawsuit.

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