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Study focuses on re-hospitalization of TBI patients

Most people are probably aware that the recovery following a traumatic brain injury can be long and difficult. While in some cases the symptoms may be mild but continue for a long period of time, other times the symptoms can be severe—so severe that they require re-hospitalization. A study recently conducted in Ontario focused on this very thing.

A total of nearly 30,000 patients who had spent time in a hospital after experiencing TBI and were then released, were looked at in the course of the study. Conducted by Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, UHN, the study lasted for eight years. Based on the information collected in the study it appears that the re-admission rates of individuals in this situation is higher than previously thought.

More specifically, before the study it was believed that the number was around 25 percent. The study found that number is higher however. Approximately 36 percent of the individuals who were a part of a study returned to the hospital within three years for treatment. Certain characteristics were identified as being relevant to readmission, including:

  • Having Coexisting health conditions
  • Being older
  • Being male
  • Having mental health conditions

It appears that the support services a patient has when he or she is discharged could have a bearing on the likelihood of someone being readmitted. The fact that TBI victims who were involved in motor vehicle accidents are less likely to be re-hospitalized supports this. In many instances they have supplemental auto insurance.

In some situations it is possible that someone who suffered a TBI could secure compensation from those who are responsible for it. The study did not specifically take into consideration how a settlement or verdict in favor of the person with TBI affected the readmission rate however.

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