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June 2015 Archives

Some distracted driving behaviors likened to drunk driving

By now drivers in the province of Ontario are likely well aware that distracted driving is a behavior that can have devastating consequences. According to the Ontario Provincial Police, a total of 505 people died in distracted driving crashes over the course of the last six years.

Ontario doctors seek to reduce C-section deliveries

When a woman is pregnant the health of both the mother as well as the baby is extremely important. Accordingly, during the course of the delivery doctors sometimes advise that a Caesarean be performed to deliver the baby. This could be done if either appears to be in distress during the delivery.

Effects of Reorganization of an Employer's Business

In wrongful dismissal cases, the amount of notice of termination owed to the discharged employee will depend on several factors. Length of service is one of those factors, and typically, longer term employees are entitled to longer notice periods. This is especially so for employees that have devoted a significant part of their career to a particular employer. Employees who worked through the ranks, developing expertise and knowledge in the affairs of their employer are considered vulnerable and in difficult circumstances when they are suddenly released into the labour market. The level they have achieved and the specialized knowledge they have attained may make it difficult for them to obtain other suitable employment.

Advancements in the use of robotic limbs controlled by brain

An injury to the spine is one of the most devastating that someone can experience and survive. Though a person who lives through a spinal injury is alive, the quality of his or her life can be greatly impacted. This is because it can lead to varying amounts of paralysis which can make it impossible for that person to do even the simplest of tasks.

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