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Ontario doctors seek to reduce C-section deliveries

When a woman is pregnant the health of both the mother as well as the baby is extremely important. Accordingly, during the course of the delivery doctors sometimes advise that a Caesarean be performed to deliver the baby. This could be done if either appears to be in distress during the delivery.

While a C-section could result in a safe delivery of a baby, since it is a surgical procedure a mother’s recovery can take longer and even result in medical complications. It is also more expensive than a vaginal birth. Accordingly, when possible many medical providers do what they can to avoid this approach.

According to the Canadian Institute for Health Information, the number of C-sections performed throughout the nation in 2012 was 27.2 percent. That number is significantly higher than the number performed in 1997, when the rate was 18.7. Some obstetricians in Ontario are seeking to reduce the number of C-sections that are performed.

Several reasons for the increase in C-sections were identified. The first is that women are having babies later in life leading to more risks. Second, women who previously had C-sections are having them again, for subsequent births. Last, women are being induced ahead of their due date leading to complications that necessitate the procedure.

Of course, C-section deliveries should only be reduced if doing so would not result in an injury to either the mother or the baby. The failure of medical professionals to order a C-section when the conditions warrant it could result in devastating injury to the mother, the baby, or both. Should that occur, a medical malpractice lawsuit could be appropriate.

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