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July 2015 Archives

Could administration of an antibody help in TBI recovery?

Those who suffer a traumatic brain injury potentially face difficulties not only in the short-term, but possibly later in life as well. This could be true even if someone seems to fully recover from the condition. Specifically, studies indicate someone who has experienced a TBI could be more likely to get Alzheimer’s, years later.

Drivers can take steps to prevent fatal motor vehicle accidents

Deadly motor vehicle accidents occur all too frequently on roads throughout the province of Ontario. While there are many things that could lead to such an incent occurring, one is the behavior of drivers in other vehicles. Because you cannot control the actions of others, it is a good idea for all drivers to take steps to prevent serious injury should they be involved in a serious crash.

Tips to help avoid a misdiagnosis

While we want to think only about visits to health care providers resulting in an improvement of one’s condition, sadly this is not always the case. The reasons for this vary but in some situations could be due to misdiagnosis. Under some circumstances a misdiagnosis can lead to a more serious medical condition or in the worst situations, even death.

Use of stems cells to treat spinal injury shows promise in study

There are many injuries that could occur as a result of an accident. Those that impact the spine are often particularly devastating and could result in someone being unable to use his or her limbs ever again. Researchers are continually working to change the fate of those in this situation via a variety of approaches.

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