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Could administration of an antibody help in TBI recovery?

Those who suffer a traumatic brain injury potentially face difficulties not only in the short-term, but possibly later in life as well. This could be true even if someone seems to fully recover from the condition. Specifically, studies indicate someone who has experienced a TBI could be more likely to get Alzheimer’s, years later.

Because of the difficulties suffered by those who experience a TBI, studies concerning the treatment of such injuries are being done on many fronts. Recently, scientists focused on the use of an antibody to treat brain injuries.

Researchers found that after suffering a TBI, tau proteins found in the brain of the person suffering from the condition could fold incorrectly leading them to malfunction and ultimately cause damage. In turn, this damage could result in cell death. These misfolded proteins (called cis P-tau) have been identified as a cause of Alzheimer’s. In a recent study, researchers discovered that administering a specially developed antibody was found to not only neutralize the toxic protein in the cells after the proteins misfolded, but prevent the cis P-tau from spreading as well.

Tests conducted on mice determined that after receiving the antibody, those that had received brain injuries showed less risky behavior as compared to those who did not receive the antibody. The antibody injections did not need to be administered immediately after the injury to work. Instead, a series of injections beginning several hours after the initial injury seemed to be sufficient.

While tests have not yet been conducted involving humans, certainly this approach seems promising. In the meantime, those who suffer a TBI should get prompt medical attention. When the negligence of another party is to blame for the injury it is also a good idea to pursue legal action. A personal injury lawyer can assist with this.

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