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Drivers can take steps to prevent fatal motor vehicle accidents

Deadly motor vehicle accidents occur all too frequently on roads throughout the province of Ontario. While there are many things that could lead to such an incent occurring, one is the behavior of drivers in other vehicles. Because you cannot control the actions of others, it is a good idea for all drivers to take steps to prevent serious injury should they be involved in a serious crash.

There are multiple things that drivers can do to try to protect themselves and passengers riding with them. The first is to enforce seat belt use by all passengers. This is important because the proper use of a seat belt increases the odds of the user surviving a crash. To avoid penalties, people of all ages should do this.

Drivers should follow the posted speed limits. When conditions dictate, due to weather or the speed of other vehicles, a driver should keep the vehicle at a slower speed. Similarly, drivers should not engage in street racing. Here again, the failure to follow these rules could result in penalties.

Individuals behind the wheel should be aware of their vehicle’s blind spots. To drive safely mirrors should be positioned in a way that minimizes the size of the spot. In addition to using mirrors, before changing lanes or backing up, a driver should look over his or her shoulder by turning his or her head.

Always being alert and ready to yield to another vehicle or pedestrian is also important. There are a variety of situations where even if you have your signal on, it may be necessary to let others go first, including:

  • At marked pedestrian crosswalks
  • When pulling onto a road from a driveway or private road
  • At a yield sign
  • At intersections of all types

While following these guidelines might prevent an accident from occurring or minimize the injuries inflicted, when the negligence of another person on the road leads to a crash, legal action could be appropriate. A personal injury lawyer can help determine the best course of action.

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