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June is Brain Injury Awareness Month

When someone is injured in an accident the seriousness of those injuries can have a major impact on that person’s life. When it is severe—as is often the case with brain injuries—repercussions from the injury can last a long time, sometimes even the remainder of the person’s life.

Following a brain injury, accomplishing even the simplest day-to-day tasks can be difficult to do. Accordingly, therapy is a part of life for many. Since June is Brain Injury Awareness month it is a good time to focus on the recovery two men in the Ottawa area have experienced.

The first, a 44-year-old man, was struck by a minivan several years ago while participating in a 100-kilometre ride. In addition to having to relearn how to talk, walk and stand, following the brain injury that almost killed him, the man was unable to go back to the job he had as a government IT specialist. Though he was unable to return to that job, eventually he became an advocate for others living with an acquired brain injury and founded Ottawa’s Brain injury Awareness Walk.

His friend, a 25-year-old man who suffered his serious brain injury in an ATV accident, is a participant in the fundraising walk. Following his accident he spent 11 months in the hospital. Now, eight years later, he uses a wheelchair to get around and works to build up strength, by going to the gym six days a week. While he is taking a class each semester at St. Paul’s University, he continues to deal with issues concerning motor skills, memory and speech. He also lives with chronic fatigue and is in counselling.

As readers can imagine the medical treatment that someone who has a serious brain injury must endure in an effort to improve his or her condition is not cheap. Accordingly, when the injury is the result of a negligent act of another person, legal action could make sense. A personal injury lawyer can help to determine the best course of action.

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