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Tips to help avoid a misdiagnosis

While we want to think only about visits to health care providers resulting in an improvement of one’s condition, sadly this is not always the case. The reasons for this vary but in some situations could be due to misdiagnosis. Under some circumstances a misdiagnosis can lead to a more serious medical condition or in the worst situations, even death.

Experts believe that there are things that patients can do to try to identify these situations early on and prevent them from becoming even more problematic. It is possible that doing these three things could help to do this.

The first is to provide the doctor with a clear set of facts surrounding your condition. In addition to a complete list of the symptoms, a timeline indicating when each thing appeared is helpful.

Second, be prepared to ask questions even after a diagnosis is rendered. Seeking information regarding other possible diagnoses and why a physician believes that you are in fact not suffering from those other conditions may help to make sure that the information you preciously communicated about your symptoms was understood.

Third, after working to secure a diagnosis, don’t assume that your job is over. If the treatment you are prescribed does not seem to have an impact on how you are feeling, don’t be afraid to head back to the doctor. Depending on the specifics of your situation another treatment route may be necessary. In the alternative you may have been misdiagnosed.

When a misdiagnosis results in additional injury to a patient it is possible that compensation for those injuries could be secured. For this to be possible it must be shown that in reaching the misdiagnosis the doctor provided a level of care below what is expected of someone in his or her position. A lawyer can help to determine if legal action makes sense.

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