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August 2015 Archives

Donation leads to creation of spinal research chair position

Individuals who reside in Ottawa and suffer from spinal injuries could benefit from a research chair recently created at an area hospital, which will focus on finding a cure for the injury. The chair, which will reside at the Ottawa Hospital’s Civil Campus, was made possible by a donation from the family of a woman who suffered a spinal injury as a young woman. The family donated $500,000 to create the Suruchi Bhargava Chair in Spinal Cord and Brain Regeneration Research.

Can you be fired for one act of misconduct? The courts say: Maybe!

Employment lawyers receive calls from employees who have been fired for "cause" or from employers that think they have "cause" to fire an employee. These calls put us in the position of having to explain the difference between "cause" versus "without cause" termination. The difference is significant for one essential reason. In without cause terminations, employers are required to provide reasonable notice or pay in lieu of reasonable notice. On the other hand, in cause terminations, the employer is not required to provide any notice or pay in lieu of notice. Given the significant difference, employers will want to take advantage of the opportunity to terminate for cause. However, an erroneous conclusion about whether cause exists can be costly, and if the dispute ends up in court, the consequences can be severe for the employer found to have wrongly alleged cause.

Can eye movement indicate a concussion?

In most cases when someone is injured, the sooner their condition is diagnosed, the better, as it allows for proper treatment to quickly be provided. This is certainly true where concussions are concerned and the results of a recent study on the matter could make that diagnosis easier. The study was conducted by researchers at the Steven and Alexandra Cohen Veterans Center at NYU Langone Medical Center.

Prompt diagnosis and treatment of sepsis is key to saving lives

When a patient goes to a hospital for medical attention the focus is generally on receiving care that will improve their condition. While in many cases this is exactly what happens, there are some risks tied to hospital stays. Infections like sepsis are one of those risks.

Can long term employees get more than 24 months of notice period when terminated from their job?

Reasonable notice of termination is determined differently depending on the facts of each case, but there is no upper limit or 'cap' on reasonable notice. Generally, only exceptional circumstances will support a notice period in excess of 24 months. An increase in reasonable notice awarded by the courts was known as the "Wallace bump" from the case of Wallace v United Grain Growers Ltd. but the law has significantly evolved ever since the Supreme Court decision, Keays v Honda in 2008.

Following these tips could prevent a fatal car crash

An untimely death is always difficult to face. This is particularly true when someone dies as a result of an avoidable accident. One situation is which a death might unexpectedly happen, is in a car accident. There are multiple steps all drivers can take to try to prevent such accidents from occurring.

What happens when someone suffers a spinal injury?

Readers are likely well aware how devastating a spinal cord injury could be. Partial or total paralysis of one's body is an outcome that few can imagine having to adapt to. Sadly, people find that they are in this situation for a variety of reasons. While the consequences of such an injury may be well known, what exactly happens in the body to cause those symptoms to occur may not be as clear. Damage to nerves in the body is to blame.

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