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September 2015 Archives

Canadian doctor creates 'black box' for surgeries

Whether we choose to think about it or not, all too often mistakes are made by surgeons and other medical personnel in the operating room in the course of a medical procedure.  While in some cases measures may be taken to keep those mistakes from seriously injuring those being operated upon, other times patients suffer serious injuries or even die. After such an incident occurs, it can be difficult to know just what went wrong. This is problematic both for those injured as well as the medical providers. 

CFL facing lawsuits for brain injuries suffered by former players

Brain injuries can occur in a variety of situations including car accidents and falls. They can also happen while someone is playing sports. Professional athletes are not immune to this. Readers may be aware of the class action lawsuit brought against the National Football League in the United States. Recently the wife of a man, who once played in the Canadian Football League, for the Ottawa Rough Riders, also took legal action. She sued the CFL, a Toronto neurology clinic, a leading brain injury expert and the former commissioner of the CFL related to head injuries her husband suffered.

Multiple factors could contribute to cerebral palsy in newborn

Negligence in medical care can happen in virtually any medical setting, including when a baby is being born. Depending on the specifics surrounding the delivery of a baby, it is possible that the child could be deprived of air for a period of time. Called fetal asphyxia, if that period of time is long enough, it could lead to cerebral palsy, a condition that due to damage to the brain, among other things could leave the child with difficulty controlling his or her muscles.

Properly securing children in vehicles may reduce accident deaths

With so many vehicles on Toronto area roads it is seemingly inevitable that car accidents will occur. When they do, the outcome can be devastating injuries. Sometimes those injuries are so severe that they result death. While this is a tragic outcome no matter who the victims are, it is that much worse when it is a child who loses his or her life.

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