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CFL facing lawsuits for brain injuries suffered by former players

Brain injuries can occur in a variety of situations including car accidents and falls. They can also happen while someone is playing sports. Professional athletes are not immune to this. Readers may be aware of the class action lawsuit brought against the National Football League in the United States. Recently the wife of a man, who once played in the Canadian Football League, for the Ottawa Rough Riders, also took legal action. She sued the CFL, a Toronto neurology clinic, a leading brain injury expert and the former commissioner of the CFL related to head injuries her husband suffered.

In the lawsuit the woman alleged that her husband’s behavior changed and he became a criminal as a result of brain trauma that was due to repeated head injuries he suffered in the 12 years he played professionally. Some of that time he played for Ottawa Rough Riders. Specifically, she alleges that despite knowing that long-term cognitive problems could occur due to repeated brain trauma, none of the defendants shared that information.

This is not the first case of this nature to be filed against the CFL. In fact, class-action status is being sought. The case is on behalf of all players who have retired from playing in the CFL, since 1952. That lawsuit is seeking $200 million in damages.

While some people seem to heal from a brain injury without experiencing lingering effects, others could suffer ramifications for years to come. Whether those residual effects will be physical or emotional depends on the person and the severity of the injury. When the injury is severe, it could impact not only the person recovering from it but his or her loved ones as well.

We will provide updates to this case as they become available.

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