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Properly securing children in vehicles may reduce accident deaths

With so many vehicles on Toronto area roads it is seemingly inevitable that car accidents will occur. When they do, the outcome can be devastating injuries. Sometimes those injuries are so severe that they result death. While this is a tragic outcome no matter who the victims are, it is that much worse when it is a child who loses his or her life.

Properly securing children in the correct safety seat can minimize the number of situations in which this occurs. According to the Ministry of Transportation website, the likelihood of death or injury can be reduced by 75 percent when child car seats are used correctly.

There are multiple ways in which a seatbelt could keep injuries suffered in a motor vehicle accident to a minimum. The first is that they keep children from being thrown about the interior of a car should a collision occur. While a child may be held securely by another occupant as a car travels normally, when it is struck by another vehicle, there is no way the person holding that child can hold on when such force is applied. The proper use of seat belts also keeps children from being thrown from the vehicle, which often leads to even more catastrophic injuries.

There are guidelines that have been laid out for residents of Ontario regarding the use of child safety seats. In addition to explaining which type should be used they also describe when each type should be used. These guidelines take into account the weight, height and age of a child.

In the tragic situation when a child is killed in a car accident, it is possible that legal action could be taken in connection with that death. A lawyer can help determine whether a wrongful death lawsuit could be viable.

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