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November 2015 Archives

Statistics regarding hospital safety in Canada not easy to access

When many people feel ill or are hurt they believe the best place to be is a hospital. While much of the time this is true and medical providers can help these individuals feel better or possibly even recover completely, in other situations their actions can actually make a patient worse. In the worst cases this could result in death. 

Tips for preventing fatal car accidents this winter

As the weather in Ottawa starts to change, residents should bear in mind winter weather presents driving challenges that don't exist other times of the year. In some situations these challenges could lead to motor vehicle accidents occurring. Being prepared could reduce the risk of these incidents happening.

Kids with incomplete spinal injury may receive treatment funds

Following a spinal cord injury most people focus on securing the best possible care. This is important because in some situations that treatment can lead to significant improvements of the injured person’s condition, enabling them to use parts of their body they couldn’t immediately following the incident that left the person hurt. While it is important for people of all ages to do this, most would agree that because of the long life before them, it is particularly important in the case of children who are hurt. 

Medical settings not immune to infliction of brain injuries

While a traumatic accident of some sort may be the first thing that comes to mind when someone thinks about how brain injuries are suffered, the reality is there are many things that could result in this sometimes devastating injury. Sometimes it is the result of actions taken by individuals who are supposed to improve a situation. A young Canadian woman who went to a dentist to have her wisdom teeth removed sadly suffered a brain injury this way.

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