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January 2016 Archives

Classes seek to address distracted driving behaviors

It is a priority for many car makers to design vehicles that are the safest possible and provide protection to the occupants. This can be all for naught, if the driver of the vehicle insists on participating in distracting driving behavior.

Misdiagnosis could lead to medical malpractice lawsuit

Modern medicine is a wonderful thing. Today, people who are injured of become ill,  have treatment options available to them that were not available even several years ago. Doctors and other healthcare providers are looked to not only to determine what is wrong with the person, but the best treatment option as well. Unfortunately, doctors do not always do this and the medical condition of the injured or ill person becomes worse. When this happens, it is possible the patient could take legal action against the doctor.

Recovering from a spinal injury involves hard work, great expense

While it is of course sad when anyone suffers a serious spinal injury, this is particularly true when the person in this situation is a young person. Learning how to accommodate being unable to use one’s legs, or all limbs, can be difficult to do. A young Ottawa area man, who fractured the seventh cervical vertebrae in a hockey accident, was told that he might never walk again. Through hard work, and medical devices, he has beaten the odds and can now take a few steps.

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