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Are pregnant women more prone to car accidents?

People of all ages, from all backgrounds, are involved in car accidents every day. There are a variety of reasons these incidents occur. According to a recent study, pregnancy could increase the risk of women being involved in a crash.

This conclusion was reached after looking at the health records of a total of 507,262 women from Ontario, who had babies between April 1, 2006 and Mar. 31, 2011. The information contained in these records lead the researchers to the following conclusions:

  • The fourth month of pregnancy is the most dangerous time for women
  • The risk is highest in complicated traffic in the afternoon
  • The risk has nothing to do with the gender of the baby, how many times they had been pregnant or their background.

Though not entirely clear, it is proposed trouble focusing and fatigue--which are normal physiological changes for pregnant women, are contributing factors. The lead investigator offered tips on how pregnant women might avoid that outcome. These are the same tips that everyone--pregnant or not--could benefit from following. These include minimizing distractions, stopping at stop signs, yielding the right of way, signalling turns and driving at an appropriate speed.

The results of the study could lead Ontario to being to keep track of the number of traffic accidents involving pregnant women that occur.

Regardless of whether someone causes an accident is pregnant or not, it is important that family members of those who die in a car accident, know they may be able secure financial compensation for their loss. A personal injury lawyer may be of assistance in this.

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