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April 2016 Archives

Personal injury cases and social media

Over the course of the last few years, many people throughout Ontario have opened accounts with social media platforms such as Facebook. Using these accounts, they share details of their lives with their online connections. Readers may not be aware that these accounts could be a possible source for evidence when it comes to a variety of legal cases, including personal injury. Accordingly, careful thought should be put into what is being posted on these accounts.

Work related brain injuries an issue in Ontario

Individuals who suffer traumatic brain injuries could find that they are facing a long period of recovery. In addition to headaches, issues with hearing or vision, concentration and memory are symptoms that could linger. Other people experience anxiety, depression, PTSD or have a hard time dealing with the emotions they feel. While the symptoms a person suffers will vary depending on specifics—such as the severity of the injury, the age of the person and whether there are any pre-existing conditions—any of these issues can make the life of the affected person difficult.

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