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June 2016 Archives

Does talking about medical errors help to reduce them?

Many people in the Toronto area rely upon health care providers to help them when they become ill or are hurt. In many cases the extensive training these individuals receive, make it possible for them to administer the treatment necessary to help the health of a patient improve.

Preventing medical errors: what can patients do? (PART 2)

Today we continue our discussion on steps patients can take to minimize the possibility of medical errors. Although there can never be a guarantee that someone will avoid a medical error, it is possible to be proactive when it comes to your healthcare.

Group focuses on reducing deaths involving motor vehicles

When most people think about collisions involving motor vehicles, they likely think about crashes with other vehicles. While these incidents do occur, and can result in serious injuries to those involved, there are other situations in which a vehicle could inflict harm on individuals. Examples of these situations include crashes in construction zones and those that involve pedestrians.

Preventing medical errors: what can patients do? (PART 1)

In our last post we began a discussion on medical malpractice in Canada. Many lives are affected by medical errors each year. While there is no way for a patient to absolutely deter a medical error, there are steps an individual can take in order to protect him or herself.

Medical malpractice is a real issue in Canada

Medical malpractice is a topic that does not sit well with everyone. Lots of people tend to judge the validity of a medical malpractice lawsuit based on the severity of the injuries and the few facts that they know about the case. Someone may look at a plastic surgery malpractice lawsuit as being less important than one related to the birth of a child at a hospital. The important part to remember is that in many of these cases, the victims have suffered and are suffering in ways we could never imagine.

Teen suffered brain injury in gym class accident

There are multiple situations in which someone might suffer a traumatic brain injury. While at times there is little that could have been done to prevent such an injury from occurring, this is not always the case. Sometimes the negligent actions of others are to blame. The family of an Ontario teen has learned this firsthand.

Med mal reports fail to account for poor judgement of physician

Most people are aware that medical mistakes occur. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the error, the resulting injuries can be devastating. The errors can take many forms including the failure to diagnose, birth injuries and surgical error. According to a recent study, where surgical errors are concerned, these incidents are happening more often than they are reported.

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