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October 2016 Archives

Possible case of wrongful termination in fast food firing

The relationship between an employer and his or her employees can sometimes be a delicate matter. A good employer seeks to provide a comfortable working environment for staff, but must balance employee rights with the needs of the business. A business owner in the Maritimes may be facing a wrongful termination suit after dismissing a teenage member of his staff.

Sikhs claim charter and employee rights infringed by helmet law

Canada is a country known as a place of religious and cultural tolerance. There are times, however, when the laws of the land conflict with traditional practices, and decisions have to be made. Sikh workers across the border from Ontario in Quebec have been arguing their religious freedom and employee rights are being violated by a law meant to protect them.

Restaurant employee rights are graduating from the "old-school"

Inappropriate conduct in the workplace can sometimes be difficult to identify and to deal with. Sexual harassment, in particular, is a problem that many workers and their employers are not properly prepared to confront. A new program set to begin soon in Ontario may help to clarify employee rights regarding harassment and assault for many.

Humane Society named in lengthy wrongful termination suit

The laws of Ontario are written to protect the rights of every person living and every entity functioning within the province. As such, there are provisions to allow for reviews of decisions made by judges in a courtroom. Appeals can be made and motions can be filed until justice has ultimately been served. In an ongoing wrongful termination case, one man has discovered just how long the process can be.

Strange case of elder abuse involving apple projectiles

There are many categories of people in society that, for one reason or another, end up at least partially marginalized. Unfortunately, the elderly often fall into one such category. Their age and accompanying lack of physical capability can leave them vulnerable to persecution and mistreatment. One sad and unusual case of elder abuse occurred recently in Ontario.

Undue Influence Surrounding Wills

Virtually everyone postpones writing a will. Maybe because it is a tangible reminder of our mortality or perhaps it is difficult to decide to whom to give the property that we worked so hard to acquire during our lives. Whatever the reason may be, having a will in place ensures that your estate is distributed after death the way you intended it to be, unless you are the subject of another's undue influence. Then your will may reflect their wishes, and not yours. The elderly population is especially vulnerable to undue influence.

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