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November 2016 Archives

Spotlight on elder abuse after nursing home murders revealed

Nursing homes and other care facilities for seniors should be places of safety and comfort for some of society's most vulnerable people. Unfortunately, that's not always the case. A highly disturbing story that recently came out of southwestern Ontario has focused a lot of attention on elder abuse in nursing homes.

Workplace burn victim teaches employee rights to young workers

Youthful vigour and enthusiasm make young people a welcome part of the workforce here in Ontario. However, inexperience can put them in potentially dangerous or inappropriate situations on the job. One man, who suffered a devastating injury at work as a youth, is now teaching today's crop of young workers to understand their employee rights where safety is concerned.

Employee paid bonus after wrongful termination

A person's rights as an employee are a combination of what your contract or employment agreement states, and what the law sets out. When an employer is in violation of either those, it impacts how the other is applied. Though that may sound confusing, here's an example: the case of an Ontario man who was the victim of wrongful termination.

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