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December 2016 Archives

Ex-NHLer wins suit for wrongful termination of endorsement deal

The precise wording of a contract is integral to its proper enforcement. Any person who takes action based on a contract clause needs to be certain of their interpretation of that clause or risk their action backfiring on them. A recent example in the news stems from a settlement over a wrongful termination claim by a former professional hockey player in Ontario.

Man loses millions to his kids in elder abuse case

It's a story many have heard repeatedly, and it's likely to be one told over and over. The stories are all very similar: an elderly person taken advantage of by a person he or she knew and trusted. One of the latest tales of elder abuse comes from west of Ontario, in which a man who went from rags to riches is nearly back to rags again, allegedly because of his own children.

Minister facing numerous charges in elder abuse case

It is a situation that plays out time and time again. The most vulnerable people in our society are sought out and taken advantage of by those whom they trust the most. In a sad case of elder abuse that spans from Ontario to the east coast, a minister now faces a litany of charges for allegedly defrauding an elderly woman.

Man bankrupts mother in case of financial elder abuse

The effects of abuse are not always visible on the surface of the victim. Physical violence is just one form of abuse, and the others can be just as damaging. A sad case of elder abuse was recently tried in an Ontario court, where a man stood accused of fleecing his now deceased mother out of half a million dollars.

School director sues for wrongful termination, wins settlement

When an employee takes a leave of absence with his or her employer's consent, it is expected that the employee will be able to return to his or her position at the end of the leave. Failure to allow for that return may constitute wrongful termination. A case that involved a woman working in the public sector, a major employment area in Ontario, was recently wrapped up on the west coast.

The Ontario Court of Appeal Upholds Surprising Reinstatement Decision with Backpay

Employers are usually aware of their duty to accommodate employees with disabilities. However, disability remains one of the most cited grounds of discrimination in applications made under the Ontario Human Rights Code and often arises in employment matters. Employers continue to struggle with meeting their obligations to properly accommodate.

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