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January 2017 Archives

Construction Liens - Vacating your Lien does not mean losing it!

Entrepreneurs in the construction industry can benefit from the Construction Lien to secure payment. When cautious contractors or subcontractors notice they are not getting paid in a timely manner, they can file a lien against the property which has been improved by their services. The owner of the property (or "improvement" as it is known in the Construction Lien Act) is then pressured to get rid of the lien if they wish to finance or sell the property.

Wrongful termination alleged by employee let go during maternity leave

One of the great employee benefits offered in Ontario is the right to take maternity leave. Having the freedom to take a leave from work to give birth and then spend extended time with the new baby knowing one's job is secure is very healthy for young families. One woman, however, believes that opportunity was stolen from her under false pretenses and is now suing her former employer for wrongful termination.

Former zoo director sues for wrongful termination

Being let go from a job is seldom an enjoyable experience. When being fired from a position is accompanied by accusations of fraud and involves the police, it must be a very bitter pill to swallow, indeed. A former zoo director from east of Ontario has chosen to sue his ex-employer for wrongful termination after an especially acrimonious dismissal.

What are the essentials of a Canadian estate plan?

Even without estate tax, there is a need for estate planning in Canada. For starters, there is a deemed disposition tax that is applied to the estate. Canada law requires that any investments be deemed as sold upon an individual’s death. Any capital gains from that deemed disposition must be reported in a final income tax return.

RCMP employees denied employee rights, to be compensated

Several female employees of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police have launched a class-action lawsuit against the law enforcement agency, claiming harassment on the job. Ontario residents are aware that harassment constitutes a violation of employee rights, which is why the case is currently being seen by a Toronto judge. If the judge certifies the suit, these women may be entitled to compensation. 

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