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RCMP employees denied employee rights, to be compensated

Several female employees of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police have launched a class-action lawsuit against the law enforcement agency, claiming harassment on the job. Ontario residents are aware that harassment constitutes a violation of employee rights, which is why the case is currently being seen by a Toronto judge. If the judge certifies the suit, these women may be entitled to compensation. 

The argument is being made that a class-action suit would be the only way for the affected women to effectively come forward against their harassers, as many of them are described as emotionally fragile as a result of their experiences. They may find it difficult to come forward to a courtroom, but in a class-action suit, there is strength in numbers. And the numbers are certainly there: it is estimated that between 14,000 and 17,000 women were victimized on the job. 

Some claimants have come forward to the media. One woman, a constable from 1991 to 2010, said she suffered serious health effects as a result of her treatment, including depression and anxiety. Much of this harassment has come in the form of sexual and gender-related discrimination. The RCMP has responded to these allegations with a desire to provide compensation, as well as overhaul their internal processes for handling harassment in the workplace. 

It is sometimes difficult to believe that even in 2017, harassment and discrimination still exist in defiance of employee rights in workplaces across Ontario and the country. However, it is only through taking action that change will be affected. This is why people of all backgrounds who face discrimination and harassment are urged to seek the support of qualified lawyers to help them handle hostile work environments. 

Source: Macleans, "RCMP employees who were sexually harassed to learn of compensation", Colin Perkel, Jan. 9, 2017

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