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February 2017 Archives

Elder abuse on the rise across the nation

When thinking about abuse, most people immediately think of children as Canada's most vulnerable sector of people. While it is true that children are indeed vulnerable to abuse, some Ontario residents do not realize that the senior population is also frequently the victims of what is termed "elder abuse". Troublingly, according to Statistics Canada, that number is on the rise both here and elsewhere in the country. 

How to recognize the signs of elder abuse

Ontario residents with loved ones in care centres for the elderly may be concerned about the standard of care provided at the facility. Elder abuse is rampant, and knowing the signs to look out for may save a life -- or prevent humiliation and injuries. Unexplained abrasions, burns, bruises and broken bones can indicate physical abuse, along with multiple visits to different medical facilities.

RCMP begin new employee rights initiative

A specialized team formed by the national Royal Canadian Mounted Police is launching a new awareness campaign to bring attention to sexual misconduct in RCMP workplaces. Some Ontario residents have experienced this flagrant denial of employee rights in their own workplaces, highlighting how important a national discussion will be on this topic. The progressive move also serves as a clarion call for other major organizations to take note and follow suit. 

Tips on avoiding financial elder abuse

A recent post detailed the story of a self-made millionaire who lost his fortune to two of his children when they took advantage of the power of attorney he had given them in his old age. On the heels of that incident there have been numerous articles written about elder abuse, and how seniors can protect their finances. Here are some strategies provided by financial experts than can be adopted by seniors in Ontario.

Elder law protects Ontario seniors from abuse

Police in Ontario say that up to 10 per cent of seniors in the province are abused by family members or caretakers. The actual number is estimated at between 40,000 and 200,000. The wide-ranging figure may be explained by the fact that many seniors do not report their mistreatment. Many may not realize that they have options for seeking protection through elder law services.

Employee rights violated by "genetic discrimination"

Discrimination in the workplace can take on many forms: an employee can be unfairly treated due to race, gender, sexuality and a host of other potential traits. However, Ontario residents might not take into consideration that Canada is the only G7 country not to provide protections against genetic discrimination, the practice of discriminating against an individual due to a pre-existing genetic condition such as an illness. If considered in the same light as the other discriminatory practices described above, genetic discrimination constitutes a violation of employee rights, and of human rights in general. 

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