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RCMP begin new employee rights initiative

A specialized team formed by the national Royal Canadian Mounted Police is launching a new awareness campaign to bring attention to sexual misconduct in RCMP workplaces. Some Ontario residents have experienced this flagrant denial of employee rights in their own workplaces, highlighting how important a national discussion will be on this topic. The progressive move also serves as a clarion call for other major organizations to take note and follow suit. 

In the past several years, many RCMP employees, most of them female, have come forward with allegations of sexual harassment by co-workers and even superiors. This, along with a CBC report on the problems within the organization, prompted an internal review. The details of that review were released in July 2016.

Now, the organization is moving forward to address these issues in its internal structure. One spokesperson noted that more mechanisms were in place to support victims of sexual assault being investigated by the RCMP than were extended to their own employees. Part of this national initiative will be to improve lines of communication between leadership and employees, as well as ramping up disciplinary action for those found culpable for harassing co-workers. 

Employee rights as they pertain to hostile work environments are extremely important to Ontario residents and Canadians as a whole. The example of the RCMP in revamping its own internal processes is a good one for other Canadian businesses to hold up as a standard. For those employees who continue to experience harassment in the workplace, however, legal assistance is available in the form of experienced employment law attorneys. 

Source: CBC News, "RCMP launches national awareness campaign about sexual misconduct at work", Alison Crawford, Jan. 27, 2017

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