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March 2017 Archives

Employee rights vital to International Women's Day

International Women's Day was honoured this year on March 8, and it drew no small number of protests pertaining to the treatment of women in the workplace. Ontario residents are well aware that employee rights, particularly those of female employees, are routinely violated both here in Canada and elsewhere around the world. This International Women's Day, a protest in Chicago shed light on the poor practices of fast food establishments in handling workplace harassment internally. 

Former employee files wrongful termination suit against city

What may seem like the right course of action can sometimes lead a person into unexpected trouble. When an employee of an Ontario city pointed out illegal activity to his superiors, he likely did not anticipate the backlash. He ended up taking the city to court, citing wrongful termination.

Before challenging a will, seek estate beneficiary advice

When someone close has passed, it can be a deeply emotional time no matter what one's feelings truly were for that person. Should one then be left out of the will, receive a disappointing bequest or be displeased with the remainder of the will, emotions can run even higher. At a time like this, estate beneficiary advice is likely in order. Challenging the will could be an option, as it was for three heirs left high and dry west of Ontario.

Rate of elder abuse in Canada on the rise

Statistics Canada indicate a disturbing study that suggests Canadians are not treating their senior population particularly well. Elder abuse rates are on the rise across the country, both here in Ontario and elsewhere. While such abuse is likely to be perpetrated by members of the victim's own family, the study also takes into consideration scams that specifically target the elderly population. 

Police constable files suit in employee rights case

Some 13 employees of an out-of-province police service are filing a suit against their employer, according to national news. Many Ontario residents understandably think of the police as being beyond reproach in terms of internal employee rights standards, but sadly this is not the case. As in many industries throughout the country, workplace harassment is a pervasive issue. Bringing it to light through litigation may be a good way to help stem negative practices and push businesses toward higher standards. 

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