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Former employee files wrongful termination suit against city

What may seem like the right course of action can sometimes lead a person into unexpected trouble. When an employee of an Ontario city pointed out illegal activity to his superiors, he likely did not anticipate the backlash. He ended up taking the city to court, citing wrongful termination.

In Aug. 2015, the city of Guelph released their chief building official from his position. The following February, the dismissed employee took the municipality to court and sued for a million dollars. In his suit, he claimed he had been let go for pointing out apparent improprieties in some of the city's land dealings.

The man claims to have pointed out repeatedly that the city violated the Ontario Building Code on multiple occasions. In his estimation, the city was failing to obtain the proper permits. He sent a letter to the executive team and the chief administrative officer reiterating his concerns.

Shortly after sending the letter, the claimant says they called him in to a meeting during which he received criticism for his action. He alleges being told his career was in jeopardy were he to continue confronting the issue. The city denied the allegations and countered that the man was bitter over having his position reassigned. In the end, both parties agreed to an out-of-court settlement, though they did not disclose the amount.

No person should feel his or her job is at risk for doing the right thing. Should a person feel they have been fired or forced out of a job without just cause, there may be a wrongful termination case to be made. An experienced Ontario lawyer may be able to assist in this sort of situation with counsel and representation.

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