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Harassment at work violates employee rights

The Canadian Public Safety Integrity Commissioner has recently been conducting a series of investigations into the conduct of employees and employers at the federal level. The results may come as shocking to some Ontario residents, who may think of governmental entities as organizations dedicated to championing employee rights. Unfortunately, it turns out that even at the highest levels of the country, workplace harassment is still a very prevalent issue for many Canadians. 

The studies have focused on real stories offered anonymously by employees, many of whom have since left their positions. Prevalent themes highlighted by these stories include verbally abusive supervisors who reprimand employees harshly in front of colleagues, managers "playing favourites" based on their personal likes and dislikes for those on their teams and harsh consequences for those who step forward. In many cases, even those not targeted for abuse were punished for standing up for colleagues. 

Obviously, in many cases, these incidents can be explained as an abuse of power, as it appears this behaviour is more likely to be displayed by a superior to a subordinate. However, the more troubling takeaway from these stories is that many employees feel they have nowhere to turn for support. When management appears to be arrayed against regular employees, this is hardly an unfair feeling to have. 

Thankfully, here in Ontario and elsewhere across the country, real work is being made to address employee rights in the workplace. For those who still feel victimized in their workplaces, the opportunity exists to secure knowledgeable legal assistance in handling these matters. The support of an experienced employment law attorney can help to correct issues that exist in the workplace, and hopefully make progress toward avoiding them being repeated. 

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