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May 2017 Archives

Virtual reality company sued for not honouring employee rights

An American-based virtual reality startup is being sued by its own former director of social media and marketing, according to tech insiders. Ontario IT specialists might be familiar with UploadVR, which is currently under fire for alleged sexual harassment in the workplace. Employee rights in the workplace are equally valued on both sides of the border, so this case may help to bring more attention to similar issues in Canada. 

Estate Trustee During Litigation

Have you heard of an Estate Trustee During Litigation ("ETDL")? In instances where the validity of a Will is being challenged, the estate trustee appointed under the terms of the Will has no authority to preserve or manage the estate. However, the estate will still have to be managed and administrated in some fashion until the court can determine if the Will is valid or not. Thus, there is a need to have a neutral person, unconnected with the litigation, to safeguard the assets of the estate and pay the debts. That person is called an Estate Trustee During Litigation.

RCMP accused of failing to honour employee rights

Recently there has been a great deal of attention paid to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in national and provincial news. Ontario residents are no doubt aware that the national police agency has been accused time and again of allowing violations of employee rights, including harassment, bullying and discrimination within the ranks. Now, civilian leadership is calling for sweeping changes in the organization to root out and put a stop to this behaviour. 

Estate beneficiary advice may serve a testator well

When making a will, some Ontario people want to have full control over what happens to their assets after they die -- even unreasonable control in some cases. Not all restrictions or conditions will be allowed by a probate court. A valid condition placed on an inheritance must be not only legal but also clear and possible. Estate beneficiary advice may be necessary when drafting a will.

Safe workplaces vital to employee rights

It is not uncommon to think of bullying in the context of a high school locker room, where a young person might be victimized and harassed by peers. But bullying as a concept is now being called out in workplaces here in Ontario and across the nation. A physically and psychologically safe workplace is integral to employee rights in Canada, and while efforts are being made to standardize codes of behaviour, some employees still suffer bullying on the job. 

Are employee rights ignored on Parliament Hill?

Parliament Hill is a workplace like no other. Staffers said in interviews that they are made to feel lucky to be employed there -- but dispensable. They say the power imbalance between members of Parliament and staffers causes violations of employee rights and the knowledge that reporting it could be detrimental to the staffer's future in politics. Some -- including staffers who are not based in Ottawa -- believe that the currency in that work environment is power.

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