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Virtual reality company sued for not honouring employee rights

An American-based virtual reality startup is being sued by its own former director of social media and marketing, according to tech insiders. Ontario IT specialists might be familiar with UploadVR, which is currently under fire for alleged sexual harassment in the workplace. Employee rights in the workplace are equally valued on both sides of the border, so this case may help to bring more attention to similar issues in Canada. 

The lawsuit, which has been filed in a San Francisco court, says that company co-founders strove to create an environment that catered to males and targeted female employees with harassment. The atmosphere as described in the suit was sexually charged, with company brass actively encouraging intimate workplace relationships. The complainant made specific reference to a room in the offices that she says was specifically set aside for sexual relations at work.

The lawsuit goes on to detail lewd and explicit conversation between male employees, often at the expense of female employees. Beyond the harassment lay discrimination, as the suit suggests women were routinely passed over for promotion, expected to complete menial tasks, and were unable to even compete for better positions. As of this report, UploadVR has vehemently denied the allegations. 

The flagrant ignorance of employee rights in this story is not unique to the United States. Here in Ontario, employees face this sort of treatment on a daily basis. This is why it is so important for victims to reach out for support, as the noted employee did in this case, to call attention to harassment and, in doing so, hopefully work to end it. 

Source:, "UploadVR sued over "rampant" sexual behavior in the workplace and wrongful termination", Lucas Matney, May 15, 2017

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