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June 2017 Archives

Supporting employee rights through digital platforms

The modern era has introduced fabulous technologies meant to improve the lives of the average Canadian. However, even in this enlightened era, the issue of workplace harassment remains pervasive both here in Ontario and across the nation. Now, a new movement is embracing employee rights by turning to technology to help employees come forward about their harassment in a safe and anonymous way. 

Employee rights: Sexual harassment in the workplace

It is no secret that many Canadian employees work in environments best described as hostile, or at least uncomfortable. Ontario residents will be unsurprised, albeit saddened, to hear that sexual harassment, particularly against female employees, plays a significant role in workplaces where employee rights are routinely violated. Thankfully, there is considerable legal support available to those who are otherwise not being supported by their employers. 

Upholding employee rights in the workplace

Workplace harassment has been a considerable topic of conversation in the media of late. Both here in Ontario and in the United States, high-profile cases of major companies and organizations ignoring employee rights and fostering a culture of harassment have been prevalent. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the business owner to ensure his or her company complies with federal and provincial guidelines surrounding the treatment of employees, both in addressing the issues and preventing them from happening again. 

Canadian police require update to employee rights

A great deal is being made of hostile workplaces across the nation, perhaps most disturbingly within Canadian police organizations. Ottawa residents may have heard of recent pushes by Calgary police to overhaul their best practices pertaining to employee rights that touch on harassment, prejudice and assault. According to some, however, they still have a long way to go. 

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