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Canadian police require update to employee rights

A great deal is being made of hostile workplaces across the nation, perhaps most disturbingly within Canadian police organizations. Ottawa residents may have heard of recent pushes by Calgary police to overhaul their best practices pertaining to employee rights that touch on harassment, prejudice and assault. According to some, however, they still have a long way to go. 

Former officers questioned about the CPS' new push toward providing advanced training to HR departments and engaging civilian whistleblowers, the view is somewhat grim. One female former officer mentioned that she was disappointed that new measures were not further-reaching. Reportedly, many officers still fear coming forward with grievances because they do not know how those grievances will be handled. 

The quoted officer is one of 13 Calgary officers who have tendered their resignations from the force, citing consistent harassment. They have launched formal harassment complaints against their former employer, after calling out what they referred to as a "culture of bullying" within the service. The outcome of the new initiatives has yet to be clarified as the measures are still being instituted as of this report. 

It remains unclear how employee rights will be handled by the Calgary force, and indeed how the landmark initiative will influence police forces here in Ottawa and across the nation. However, for those individuals who still feel victimized in their workplaces, regardless whether they work for the police or another employer, there is considerable support available. In workplaces where these issues are not handled appropriately, it is possible for victimized employees to escalate matters with the support of an experienced employment attorney by their side. 

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