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July 2017 Archives

CSIS accused of violating employee rights

A lawsuit has been filed against the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, alleging sexist, racist and homophobic discrimination perpetrated by management. Five employees of the famed intelligence agency familiar to Ontario residents have come forward, accusing the organization of violating their employee rights. The case is currently being reviewed by a federal court, but so far, none of the allegations have been proved in a courtroom setting. 

Tesla under fire for undermining employee rights

Several employees of the technology giant Tesla have alleged that serious workplace harassment is taking place in their offices and factories. Ontario residents know Tesla as the brainchild of millionaire tech specialist Elon Musk, who is on the cusp of releasing the latest version of his internationally-renowned electric car. However, allegations that Tesla management is ignoring employee rights by allowing and even enabling sexual harassment in Tesla workplaces is overshadowing the news. 

The cost of violating employee rights

Sexual harassment on the job is a pervasive issue in workplaces the world over. Sadly, this includes here in Ontario, where some employers do not always take the issue of employee rights seriously. However, it is important for these employers to understand what a sexual harassment lawsuit could potentially end up costing the business. 

Elder abuse: One of the least-reported crimes

It is easy to think of children and the disabled as being among society's most vulnerable demographics. However, here in Ontario and across the nation, another largely silent group is being routinely abused and taken advantage of, sometimes even by those tasked to take care of them. Elder abuse is one of the least-reported forms of abuse, and across the country organizations are mobilizing to bring attention to this critical issue. 

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