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Tesla under fire for undermining employee rights

Several employees of the technology giant Tesla have alleged that serious workplace harassment is taking place in their offices and factories. Ontario residents know Tesla as the brainchild of millionaire tech specialist Elon Musk, who is on the cusp of releasing the latest version of his internationally-renowned electric car. However, allegations that Tesla management is ignoring employee rights by allowing and even enabling sexual harassment in Tesla workplaces is overshadowing the news. 

A town hall for the company, held on International Women's Day, was the catalyst for the breaking news. During the meeting, several female employees stood up to address the discriminatory hiring and firing practices, catcalling and rampant sexual harassment they say has been prevalent in the company for years. One of the most prominent speakers was a woman who said she was fired after speaking about these incidents in a public interview with the Guardian. 

Tesla went on record saying the allegations the woman brought up in the interview were unfounded, and used this as the justification for firing her. However, with more and more female employees stepping up to speak out, it appears Tesla may have an internal problem that it needs to address. The report did not mention whether founder Elon Musk had anything to say about the allegations. 

Unfortunately, every company carries with it the potential for a hostile work environment. Ontario residents know that employee rights are to be held at the forefront of Canadian business, but this is not always true in practice. For individuals who feel harassed in their workplaces, addressing the issues can be challenging. This is why seeking the support of an experienced employment lawyer can make all the difference in handling these cases as they arise. 

Source: Popular Mechanics, "Multiple Tesla Employees Allege Workplace Harassment, Discrimination", Avery Thompson, July 6, 2017

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