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September 2017 Archives

Elder abuse: Scammers in Ontario use every means possible

Seniors are being targeted in various ways to part with their hard-earned money. Elder abuse in Ontario comes in all forms, and scammers are especially partial to using the telephone. Financial abuse is one of the most rampant forms of elder abuse against senior citizens.

Getting fired for cause could still spell wrongful termination

If you get what is called "downsized" from your job, you probably have been terminated without cause. In such a case an Ontario employer doesn't need to tell an employee why he or she has been let go. Summary dismissal, or termination for cause, on the other hand, means getting fired. It can also mean that an employee has been the victim of wrongful termination

Dismissed Employee Entitled to $50,000 in Punitive Damages

When someone loses their job, it is not hard to imagine they experience a range of emotions, including pain and distress. However, the courts in Ontario have been clear that these feelings are a natural result of being terminated and the dismissed employee will not be compensated financially in addition to any notice period they may be entitled to.  However, the Supreme Court of Canada made in clear in Bhasin v Hrynew, 2014 SCC 71, that employers have a duty of honesty in contractual performance. Simply put, this means employers have a duty to be honest and not knowingly mislead an employee during their employment, up to and including termination. If an employer fails to do this and instead engages in bad faith conduct that is harsh, vindictive, reprehensible or malicious in nature, then punitive damages can be awarded.

Ontario employment law changes affect employee rights

Minimum wage increases and extended holidays are just two of the things Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs intends to accomplish. Ontario workers' employee rights will be affected by the amendments to the province's Employment Standards Act (ESA) and Labour Relations Act (LRA). Many workers struggle to make ends meet, and the province is aiming to bring the playing field between employees and employers onto more level ground.

Elder abuse coverup in Ontario hospital

A Toronto-area family says that their 90-year-old matriarch was assaulted sexually in a local hospital and that it was covered up. The Ontario resident was admitted to the facility for pneumonia. While she was struggling, her health was gradually improving. Unfortunately, hospitals and long-term care facilities have been known to be places where elder abuse occurs on occasion.

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