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Elder abuse: Scammers in Ontario use every means possible

Seniors are being targeted in various ways to part with their hard-earned money. Elder abuse in Ontario comes in all forms, and scammers are especially partial to using the telephone. Financial abuse is one of the most rampant forms of elder abuse against senior citizens.

Financial abuse is defined as "the illegal or unauthorized use of someone else's money or property." That can mean pressuring someone to give up money or property. Most often it includes trickery or force. It could also include misusing a joint account or misusing a power of attorney for financial gain.

There are no definitive statistics on how many seniors have been taken advantage of in this way. Many cases go unreported because of embarrassment, fear, isolation or seniors not really realizing they're been used. This sort of abuse could go on for months and even years.

Sadly, most often the predator is a loved one of the senior citizen. If the predator is a stranger, they look for any information they can find on social media. They may work in the same area or attend church services in the same place or interact with seniors in general. They work to gain people's trust. Seniors must verify any financial requests; they must never give out personal information like bank account numbers, pin numbers or credit card information.

Ontario residents who believe they have been the victims of elder abuse through financial scams should contact a lawyer for guidance. An Ontario lawyer experienced in personal injury law will help victims of such crimes through the compensation process. A compassionate lawyer will be able to answers all questions regarding financial elder abuse and the best course of action to take legally.

Source:, "Predators targeting Canada???s seniors with fraud, scams", Patricia Stephenson, Accessed on Sept. 15, 2017

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