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October 2017 Archives

Expanding long-term care inquiry regarding elder abuse in Ontario

A nursing home in London was ordered to stop taking in new patients because of various provincial violations. One of those violations included elder abuse. Similar orders were given to Ontario long-term care facilities in Mississauga and Wellington County.

Employee rights in Ontario: When an employee's boss is fired

When the boss gets the boot, there may be all sorts of mixed feelings among staff. If employees had a good, cordial working relationship with their boss -- perhaps even a friendship -- how should they handle losing that relationship? Do workers in Ontario have employee rights when it comes to losing a manager?

Wrongful termination in Ontario may be a cause to whine

Having a glass or two of wine to unwind is something most people enjoy on occasion. But when that happens during a work day in Ontario, there could be consequences. But depending upon the situation, being dismissed from a job because of it may be grounds for wrongful termination.

Employee rights in Ontario: When a worker's pet dies

People who have pets usually treat them like they're members of the family. So, when a pet dies, the sadness is palpable and the grieving process is real. When it comes to employee rights in Ontario, some organizations are flexible on bereavement time when it comes to family members, and that includes pets.

Ontario nursing home residents dying from elder abuse, neglect

Nursing homes apparently aren't always the safest places for senior citizens. Many Ontario residents die each year in these facilities due to elder abuse which can and does include neglect, according to an expert in the field. The Advocacy Centre for the Elderly says the Ontario government must give the go-ahead for a full-on investigation of these homes if the 70,000 residents living in them are to be safe.

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