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Employee rights in Ontario: When an employee's boss is fired

When the boss gets the boot, there may be all sorts of mixed feelings among staff. If employees had a good, cordial working relationship with their boss -- perhaps even a friendship -- how should they handle losing that relationship? Do workers in Ontario have employee rights when it comes to losing a manager?

Once getting over the initial shock, employees are advised to stay calm and composed. If employees panic about being the next in line, it will only increase the overall stress levels. An employee's direct relationship to his or her boss who has just been fired does not mean the worker will also be let go. Employees are advised to continue working and to refrain from gossiping at the water cooler. Also, social media sites aren't places to report on office news.

Employees should, however, pay attention to what happens after their boss has been fired. What is happening overall in the company? Is there an inkling about restructuring or stagnation in numbers? Once employees put out the feelers, they can decide their next course of action and perhaps that means looking for another job or acting on some entrepreneurial goals.

The bottom line is just because a boss has been fired does not automatically mean his or her staff members are next in line. Ontario employees who have questions regarding employment laws should talk to a lawyer who has experience in these types of matters. Before an employee makes any rash decisions in the workplace, he or she should discuss employee rights with a seasoned lawyer.





Source:, "What Do You Do When Your Boss Gets Fired?", Accessed on Oct. 13, 2017

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