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November 2017 Archives

Postmedia-Torstar deal means wrongful dismissal suits likely to follow

This week, Torstar Corp. and Postmedia Network Inc. announced their deal to sell newspapers to one another to reduce competition and monopolize advertising revenue. As a result of this deal, Postmedia announced it will cutting 244 jobs and is shutting down 24 newspapers, including the following from eastern Ontario:

Failure to comply with Employment Standards Act minimum requirements is fatal to employers

Employment contracts set out the terms of employment and an employee's obligations. Included in the employment contract is usually a clause that sets out what happens when the employment relationship ends, and this clause is often the most litigated.

Ontario municipal law could be affected by legal pot

Municipalities are still trying to process how legalized pot will play out in their jurisdictions. Ontario municipal law could be affected by what the province proposes regarding the sale of cannabis. One of the regulations includes the age at which an individual could purchase marijuana legally, which will be 19 years -- as it is with cigarettes and alcohol. The age will also pertain to possessing the drug, growing it at home and using it.