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Getting fired and employee rights in Ontario

No one likes to lose a job, for whatever reasons. But when an employer fires an employee in Ontario, there are certain rules that must be followed, according to the Employment Standards Act. The law protects certain employee rights.

Employees would do well to keep calm and dignified when their boss breaks the news to them. Doing so will bode well for any future meetings between employee sand former employers. Workers asked to sign any documents should hold off until they can obtain legal counsel, especially if they feel they have been terminated unjustly. Those who are given severance packages should read any documents off the job site, especially if they are upset by the news.

After collecting all personal effects from an office space, an employee should go over any documents he or she signed with the employer, including limits on future employment. Any obligations should be reviewed and discussed with legal counsel. A lawyer will go over any documents an employee was given upon being terminated.

The legal jargon in many of these documents may be difficult for laypersons to understand. An Ontario lawyer will be able to ascertain whether his client's employee rights have been looked after. It is prudent that a client allow a lawyer to see all documents pertaining to his or her employment, including any contracts or agreements. If a lawyer feels rights have been violated in some way, he or she will advise a client on the procedures for launching a compensatory suit. 

Source:, "You're Fired" -- Now What?", Howard A. Levitt, Accessed on Dec. 15, 2017

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