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August 2018 Archives

Employee rights: Worker gets thousands in wrongful dismissal case

A Canadian man was recently awarded $28,000 in damages in a wrongful dismissal case. The court didn't buy the assertion of the former safety manager's Alberta employer, who said the man quit or that there was just cause for firing him. Most employee rights in Canada are protected by employment laws of their province and territory, and it is mandatory that places of employment in Ontario and in the rest of the country place an Employment Standards Act poster where all employees can see it.

Elder abuse: Nursing homes were in good standing during murders

Elizabeth Wettlaufer has become notorious for fatally poisoning nursing home residents. The 50-year-old nurse took elder abuse to the nth degree at three nursing homes in Woodstock, London and Paris, Ontario, from 2007 to 2014 by murdering eight residents. These particular nursing homes were Level 1, which means the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care considered them to be in good standing.

Estate beneficiary advice: Keeping assets from kids' ex-spouses

Parents who have accumulated a sizable amount of wealth over their lives will likely want to pass their assets on to their children when they pass away. But when an adult child's marriage goes sideways and ends in divorce, those parents may want to ensure that none of their assets go to the estranged partner. Some solid estate beneficiary advice for Ontario residents when it comes to this type of issue is to make safeguards in a will.

Can long-term disability affect employment contracts in Ontario?

There may be many reasons an employee misses work. But when employees in Ontario are off work for an extended period, can their employment contracts be affected? There are certain instances when employers may claim frustration over a contract even when the employee is on long-term disability.

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