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November 2018 Archives

Elder abuse: Durham Region's mobile unit will respond to calls

A new mobile response team is set to come to the aid of vulnerable people in trouble. The Durham Region of Ontario has initiated the Vulnerable Person Outreach Project (VPOP) with the help of the Durham Regional Police Service. The mobile unit will have a nurse, social worker and a specially trained police officer on board to respond to calls from those in trouble and those people could include seniors experiencing elder abuse.  

Estate beneficiary advice: Are there inheritance rights?

People who believe they have been named in a will yet are still waiting to hear any news about the estate after a couple years may be wondering what they can do. When it comes to estate beneficiary advice in Ontario for  this type of situation -- those concerned have every right to ask questions of the estate's executor as to the status of the estate. Beneficiaries have rights and those rights include knowing what is available to them.

Employee rights: Ontario Tories cancel number of labour reforms

The new provincial Conservative government has decided to cancel a number of labour reforms brought in by the previous government. Some Ontario labour groups are saying the reforms regarding employee rights are unfair to workers, mean-spirited and reckless. Among the decisions are a freeze of the minimum wage at $14 an hour for two years and axing the two paid sick days.

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