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Looking to babies to help spinal injury victims walk again

When someone suffers an injury to the spinal cord their life may be changed forever. Among other things, it could render them unable to walk. While some individuals in this situation will never be able to use their limbs again, for others, relearning to walk may be a goal. This, of course, is a challenging endeavour. Researchers located in Netherlands are studying one possible approach.

Spinal injury victim uses thoughts to move hand

There are many serious types of injuries that someone who is involved in an accident might find that he or she is facing. Spinal injuries are undoubtedly some of the most serious. In the worst cases these could lead to the loss of the use of all four limbs. Once suffered, currently there is little that can be done to undo the injury. As a result, researchers are constantly looking for new treatment procedures. Recently, promise was found in the use of a system that works by reading the mind of the injured person.

How lawyers can help with catastrophic injuries

Few people who reside in Ottawa consider how quickly their lives could change if they are injured in an accident. When someone suffers a catastrophic injury—such as a spinal injury—they may find their lives are never the same. Among other things, it is possible someone who has suffered an injury to the spinal cord might find that they have lost feelings in their limbs, rendering them unable to do the things they once did.

Recovering from a spinal injury involves hard work, great expense

While it is of course sad when anyone suffers a serious spinal injury, this is particularly true when the person in this situation is a young person. Learning how to accommodate being unable to use one’s legs, or all limbs, can be difficult to do. A young Ottawa area man, who fractured the seventh cervical vertebrae in a hockey accident, was told that he might never walk again. Through hard work, and medical devices, he has beaten the odds and can now take a few steps.

Kids with incomplete spinal injury may receive treatment funds

Following a spinal cord injury most people focus on securing the best possible care. This is important because in some situations that treatment can lead to significant improvements of the injured person’s condition, enabling them to use parts of their body they couldn’t immediately following the incident that left the person hurt. While it is important for people of all ages to do this, most would agree that because of the long life before them, it is particularly important in the case of children who are hurt. 

Donation leads to creation of spinal research chair position

Individuals who reside in Ottawa and suffer from spinal injuries could benefit from a research chair recently created at an area hospital, which will focus on finding a cure for the injury. The chair, which will reside at the Ottawa Hospital’s Civil Campus, was made possible by a donation from the family of a woman who suffered a spinal injury as a young woman. The family donated $500,000 to create the Suruchi Bhargava Chair in Spinal Cord and Brain Regeneration Research.

What happens when someone suffers a spinal injury?

Readers are likely well aware how devastating a spinal cord injury could be. Partial or total paralysis of one's body is an outcome that few can imagine having to adapt to. Sadly, people find that they are in this situation for a variety of reasons. While the consequences of such an injury may be well known, what exactly happens in the body to cause those symptoms to occur may not be as clear. Damage to nerves in the body is to blame.

Use of stems cells to treat spinal injury shows promise in study

There are many injuries that could occur as a result of an accident. Those that impact the spine are often particularly devastating and could result in someone being unable to use his or her limbs ever again. Researchers are continually working to change the fate of those in this situation via a variety of approaches.

Advancements in the use of robotic limbs controlled by brain

An injury to the spine is one of the most devastating that someone can experience and survive. Though a person who lives through a spinal injury is alive, the quality of his or her life can be greatly impacted. This is because it can lead to varying amounts of paralysis which can make it impossible for that person to do even the simplest of tasks.

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