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Former talk show host sues for wrongful termination

Former Canadian talk show host Mark Steines is suing over being let go from his latest gig. The Ontario media personality has launched a law suit for wrongful termination from the talk show, Home & Family. He claims he was fired because he supported two females connected to the show after they claimed to be sexually harassed by the show's 82-year-old now former executive producer. 

Help is available for the fight against wrongful termination

The last thing an Ontario worker wants is to be dismissed from his or her employment. Most people are entirely reliant on their salaries, and the prospect of not earning an income while seeking a new job could cause severe anxiety. However, there are steps that can be taken when there is evidence of wrongful termination.

Wrongful termination in Ontario: Facts on getting the axe

Being fired inappropriately has happened to many employees. There are right and wrong ways an Ontario employer can go about letting an employee go, and those who believe they are the victims of wrongful termination have some recourse under the law in Canada. Knowing the facts about being dismissed can be beneficial for those who find themselves victims of the employment axe.

Wrongful termination in Ontario may be a cause to whine

Having a glass or two of wine to unwind is something most people enjoy on occasion. But when that happens during a work day in Ontario, there could be consequences. But depending upon the situation, being dismissed from a job because of it may be grounds for wrongful termination.

Getting fired for cause could still spell wrongful termination

If you get what is called "downsized" from your job, you probably have been terminated without cause. In such a case an Ontario employer doesn't need to tell an employee why he or she has been let go. Summary dismissal, or termination for cause, on the other hand, means getting fired. It can also mean that an employee has been the victim of wrongful termination. 

Wrongful termination alleged by employee let go during maternity leave

One of the great employee benefits offered in Ontario is the right to take maternity leave. Having the freedom to take a leave from work to give birth and then spend extended time with the new baby knowing one's job is secure is very healthy for young families. One woman, however, believes that opportunity was stolen from her under false pretenses and is now suing her former employer for wrongful termination.

Former zoo director sues for wrongful termination

Being let go from a job is seldom an enjoyable experience. When being fired from a position is accompanied by accusations of fraud and involves the police, it must be a very bitter pill to swallow, indeed. A former zoo director from east of Ontario has chosen to sue his ex-employer for wrongful termination after an especially acrimonious dismissal.

Ex-NHLer wins suit for wrongful termination of endorsement deal

The precise wording of a contract is integral to its proper enforcement. Any person who takes action based on a contract clause needs to be certain of their interpretation of that clause or risk their action backfiring on them. A recent example in the news stems from a settlement over a wrongful termination claim by a former professional hockey player in Ontario.

School director sues for wrongful termination, wins settlement

When an employee takes a leave of absence with his or her employer's consent, it is expected that the employee will be able to return to his or her position at the end of the leave. Failure to allow for that return may constitute wrongful termination. A case that involved a woman working in the public sector, a major employment area in Ontario, was recently wrapped up on the west coast.

Employee paid bonus after wrongful termination

A person's rights as an employee are a combination of what your contract or employment agreement states, and what the law sets out. When an employer is in violation of either those, it impacts how the other is applied. Though that may sound confusing, here's an example: the case of an Ontario man who was the victim of wrongful termination.

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