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Ontario couples facing elder abuse charges

The constant screams of an elderly woman finally led police to arrest a couple in connection with those screams. The Ontario couple who were suspected of elder abuse have been charged with failing to provide the necessities of life to a person in their care. Residents of Thorold, they are themselves elderly -- the accused man being 87 and his wife, 70. 

New cases of elder abuse in Ottawa nursing homes

A comprehensive series of investigative articles last year by the Ottawa Citizen showed rampant cases of abuse in most of the city's nursing homes -- some resulting in death. It seems not much has changed at these homes in 2018. The newspaper in Ontario's capital had a look at reports from the Ministry of Health and Long-term Care and has found that 16 of the city's 27 long-term care facilities have received infractions regarding elder abuse in the first few months of 2018.

Ontario elder abuse: Residents abusing residents in nursing homes

Family members would like to think when their loved one has to move to a nursing home, that he or she will be safe. The truth is, if a resident isn't being abused by a staff member, he or she may be on the receiving end of abuse by another resident. Elder abuse in Ontario can be caused by the elderly themselves.

Elder abuse cases rampant in Ottawa nursing homes since 2012

An investigation by a major Ottawa newspaper shows there is something very wrong at the capital's long-term care facilities. The 27 residences are home to some of Ottawa's most frail citizens -- the elderly. These Ontario homes have been the sites of elder abuse, ranging from sexual abuse, improper care resulting in death and violence.

Ontario responds to elder abuse in Indigenous communities

The treatment of elderly people in Indigenous communities has been an ongoing problem. Ontario is addressing the elder abuse issue with the introduction of new resources under its Ontario Action Plan for Seniors (OAPS). The plan aims to assist the elderly in finding the help they might need. In addition, through the Aboriginal Healing and Wellness Strategy, the province will be supporting elder abuse prevention and education - to the tune of $1.4 million over four years - which aims to create awareness.

Elder abuse in Ontario: Senior tells seniors to just hang up

A Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre volunteer told seniors to just hang up the phone when being called by people they don't know who ask for personal information. Many cases of elder abuse in Ontario happen over the phone. The presentation, which was developed by the volunteer speaker and an RCMP officer, was being delivered to seniors in Southern Ontario with the aim of educating the senior population about unscrupulous people who prey on them – some over the phone.

Expanding long-term care inquiry regarding elder abuse in Ontario

A nursing home in London was ordered to stop taking in new patients because of various provincial violations. One of those violations included elder abuse. Similar orders were given to Ontario long-term care facilities in Mississauga and Wellington County.

Ontario nursing home residents dying from elder abuse, neglect

Nursing homes apparently aren't always the safest places for senior citizens. Many Ontario residents die each year in these facilities due to elder abuse which can and does include neglect, according to an expert in the field. The Advocacy Centre for the Elderly says the Ontario government must give the go-ahead for a full-on investigation of these homes if the 70,000 residents living in them are to be safe.

Elder abuse: Scammers in Ontario use every means possible

Seniors are being targeted in various ways to part with their hard-earned money. Elder abuse in Ontario comes in all forms, and scammers are especially partial to using the telephone. Financial abuse is one of the most rampant forms of elder abuse against senior citizens.

Elder abuse coverup in Ontario hospital

A Toronto-area family says that their 90-year-old matriarch was assaulted sexually in a local hospital and that it was covered up. The Ontario resident was admitted to the facility for pneumonia. While she was struggling, her health was gradually improving. Unfortunately, hospitals and long-term care facilities have been known to be places where elder abuse occurs on occasion.

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