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Elder abuse: Ontario beats Ottawa up over long-term care issues

Three out of four Ottawa long-term care facilities have less than stellar reviews from the province regarding safety and care. The city received a blanket order from the province of Ontario after a number of incidents at the facilities including the alleged repeated punching of a resident by a caregiver. Another incident of elder abuse resulted in a resident suffering head injuries that apparently were covered up.

Elder abuse is prevalent and should be reported

Seniors in Ontario are often victims of abuse and neglect, but fear of retribution or pride may keep them from reporting it. Elder abuse can take on various forms, including financial, physical and psychological abuse. Sadly the perpetrators are often family members or otherwise close to the victim, and sometimes, they are even reliant on the senior financially and/or for shelter.

Elder abuse a continuing problem

Police in the nation's capital are reminding adult children of elderly people in long-term care to watch for signs of abuse. This comes on the tail of an Ontario police investigation into an alleged incident of elder abuse perpetrated against an 89-year-old man at a city-run long-term care facility in Ottawa. While it is mandatory for care facilities to report abuse to police, in many instances, the incidents go tragically unreported.

Elder abuse: One of the least-reported crimes

It is easy to think of children and the disabled as being among society's most vulnerable demographics. However, here in Ontario and across the nation, another largely silent group is being routinely abused and taken advantage of, sometimes even by those tasked to take care of them. Elder abuse is one of the least-reported forms of abuse, and across the country organizations are mobilizing to bring attention to this critical issue. 

Elder abuse on the rise in Ontario communities

The mayor of Timmins has expressed concerns about the rise of incidents of abused seniors in his city, a problem that appears to be spreading throughout the province. Ontario families may already be aware that elder abuse, often carried out by family members of the victims, is one of the most under-reported types of abuse affecting the population. Thankfully, more politicians are drawing attention to this crime in the hopes of stemming its tide across Canada. 

Rate of elder abuse in Canada on the rise

Statistics Canada indicate a disturbing study that suggests Canadians are not treating their senior population particularly well. Elder abuse rates are on the rise across the country, both here in Ontario and elsewhere. While such abuse is likely to be perpetrated by members of the victim's own family, the study also takes into consideration scams that specifically target the elderly population. 

Elder abuse on the rise across the nation

When thinking about abuse, most people immediately think of children as Canada's most vulnerable sector of people. While it is true that children are indeed vulnerable to abuse, some Ontario residents do not realize that the senior population is also frequently the victims of what is termed "elder abuse". Troublingly, according to Statistics Canada, that number is on the rise both here and elsewhere in the country. 

How to recognize the signs of elder abuse

Ontario residents with loved ones in care centres for the elderly may be concerned about the standard of care provided at the facility. Elder abuse is rampant, and knowing the signs to look out for may save a life -- or prevent humiliation and injuries. Unexplained abrasions, burns, bruises and broken bones can indicate physical abuse, along with multiple visits to different medical facilities.

Tips on avoiding financial elder abuse

A recent post detailed the story of a self-made millionaire who lost his fortune to two of his children when they took advantage of the power of attorney he had given them in his old age. On the heels of that incident there have been numerous articles written about elder abuse, and how seniors can protect their finances. Here are some strategies provided by financial experts than can be adopted by seniors in Ontario.

Man loses millions to his kids in elder abuse case

It's a story many have heard repeatedly, and it's likely to be one told over and over. The stories are all very similar: an elderly person taken advantage of by a person he or she knew and trusted. One of the latest tales of elder abuse comes from west of Ontario, in which a man who went from rags to riches is nearly back to rags again, allegedly because of his own children.

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