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Minister facing numerous charges in elder abuse case

It is a situation that plays out time and time again. The most vulnerable people in our society are sought out and taken advantage of by those whom they trust the most. In a sad case of elder abuse that spans from Ontario to the east coast, a minister now faces a litany of charges for allegedly defrauding an elderly woman.

Man bankrupts mother in case of financial elder abuse

The effects of abuse are not always visible on the surface of the victim. Physical violence is just one form of abuse, and the others can be just as damaging. A sad case of elder abuse was recently tried in an Ontario court, where a man stood accused of fleecing his now deceased mother out of half a million dollars.

Spotlight on elder abuse after nursing home murders revealed

Nursing homes and other care facilities for seniors should be places of safety and comfort for some of society's most vulnerable people. Unfortunately, that's not always the case. A highly disturbing story that recently came out of southwestern Ontario has focused a lot of attention on elder abuse in nursing homes.

Man's identity stolen in case of elder abuse

As people age, they often become reliant on their younger relatives. Unfortunately, some people take advantage of being in a position of trust like this. A recent case of elder abuse within a family was reported south of Ontario, though events like this are not unknown here at home.

Strange case of elder abuse involving apple projectiles

There are many categories of people in society that, for one reason or another, end up at least partially marginalized. Unfortunately, the elderly often fall into one such category. Their age and accompanying lack of physical capability can leave them vulnerable to persecution and mistreatment. One sad and unusual case of elder abuse occurred recently in Ontario.

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